wait wait wait..
i understand why erin doesn't like blogger.
it's trendy. it's popular. i can't believe it.
i'm a sheep. juust like everyone else.. follow the herd.
art class today. then off to play tennis.
god, i sound like a prep. and i'm even wearing gap.. erin would kill me if she knew that.
I should repent to erin. please forgive me! she even hates bloggers. (glare)
poor thing. but you gotta love her. she's awesome!
annnnywho. i guess i'll talk later. need to finish up some web junk..


I got my music. Tracy Bohnam.. mother mother.. heard of her?
did you get that mp3 like i said?
you better have. (glare)
peace out. (smile)
hey.. wassup.
just finished up some school.. i'm gonna go get some cd's from waves. i need my music.
i'm quite bored. it's about.. 12:15 on thursday, september 7th.
i've had "it is well with my soul" in my head all day. but not the heratio spafford one.. the audio adrenaline and jennifer knapp one.
i'm gonna get outta here now. peace.


New blog.. thanks. Enjoy.